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Side Loading Container Side Loading Container
Dumpster Lid Dumpster Lid Teeth Style Hardware Arms - Sideload Peg Style Hardware Arms - Sideload Sideload Dumpsters

Sideload Poly Dumpsters


2 yard (411 Gallon) dimensions: 60” L x 48”T x 38”W
3 yard (591 Gallon) dimensions: 61”L x 58”T x 48”W


  • Weighs 60% less than steel dumpsters, lightening the load on the utility truck and arms
  • Higher chemical resistance than steel bins
  • Black powder coated mounting hardware
  • Double wall lid secured at multiple hinge points for added strength
  • Rotational mold design
  • HDPE plastic resin is standard with an option for HDXLPE (Crosslink) plastic resin
  • Power-washer safe to remove graffiti
  • No more annual repairs for rusted bottoms, no paint fading issues or chipping concerns
  • 3/8” Steel Hardware Arms, Bolted in ten places on each side of bin

Marketing Materials

2 YD Dumpster - No Arms
2 YD Dumpster - Teeth Style Arms
2 YD Dumpster - Peg Style Arms
3 YD Dumpster - Peg Style Arms
3 YD Dumpster - Teeth Style Arms
3 YD Dumpster - No Arms
Peg Style Dumpster Arm Right
Peg Style Dumpster Arm Left
Teeth Style Dumpster Arm
Dumpster Lid